Digital Success Blueprints Crafted Just for You

In the digital realm, Jane has been the guide for 9-figure businesses aiming to build intentional growth and customer connection. Utilising a proven set of methodologies and a track record of coaching high-performing leaders, she is now launching a 1-on-1 coaching program to share those proven methodologies to help others bring their digital vision to life. If you are seeking proven strategies tailored to your vision, a collaboration with Jane could be the next big step.

2 ways to engage

12-Week Digital Growth Coaching for Leaders
12 weeks. One goal: Elevate your coaching or consulting business. Jane shows you how to seamlessly merge your unique strengths with technology, making it a breeze for clients to choose you.

  • Kick-off Discovery Session: Collaboratively define your unique challenges and vision to tailor the program specifically to you.

  • Personalized 12-Week Plan: Receive a comprehensive plan to monitor your growth and progress throughout the journey.

  • Weekly Check-ins: Benefit from 12 focused sessions to deepen understanding, provide coaching, and ensure accountability.

One off Growth catalyst session
Jane offers a one-off growth catalyst session where she unpacks your specific digital challenges spanning technology, marketing, brand, customer or data.

  • Launching a new product and not sure of the go to market strategy?

  • Thinking of investing in new technology and not sure of what right path to follow?

  • Considering investing in paid media and overwhelmed by the options?

  • Marketing not hitting the mark?

Share your challenges and benefit from expert guidance, ensuring a solid foundation for growth and sidestepping expensive errors or resource misallocation.

areas of expertise

  1. Technology: Navigate the latest digital tools and platforms, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

  2. Marketing: Harness digital marketing strategies to maximize reach and impact.

  3. Brand: Strengthen your brand's digital presence and resonance.

  4. Customer: Understand and engage with your digital audience like never before.

  5. Data: Harness the power of data analytics. Translate raw data into actionable insights, drive decision-making, and optimize performance.

"Digital technology enables you to magnify your distinctive value, connecting with a potential global audience of 5.6 billion without constraints of location, time, technology, or language. Imagine the potential: What groundbreaking innovations will you unveil? Which challenges will you address and overcome? Which undiscovered market opportunities are ready for your discovery?"

About your coach

Jane's journey as a brand builder began at the renowned Saatchi & Saatchi, where she collaborated with global brands. In 2000, she ventured into the digital landscape, advising brands on digital strategy and helping them expand online while boosting customer engagement. Now, Jane brings her expertise from scaling 9-figure businesses to your digital journey, sharing her methodologies to help you unlock and amplify your unique value. What sets Jane apart is her proven methodology that combines a human-centered approach with commercial outcomes.

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